Qualifying and final events

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Qualifying and final events

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Where the results of one event will lead to the pairs in the later events you can use the option that allows you to move the pairs between events.


For example this is handy where qualifying event(s) lead to finals, plate and consolation events.


Note: Before you use the qualifiers option you must create the events involved. For example if you have a qualifying event, which leads to final and consolation events, the final and consolation events need to be created before the pairs can be moved from the qualifying event to them using this option.


With the qualifying event open, select the [7 Advanced] tab. The [event] tab option "Move qualifiers to the next stage or finals" [Qualifiers]. Alternatively use the [Event]/[Qualifiers] option on the main menu. Click this option and the qualifying "Field management" screen appears.


Once you exit this option you will be shown an "Open" file dialogue. This allows you to open an event other than the current qualifying event. For example you may wish to open the final event.