Entering outright names

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Entering outright names

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The procedures for entering the players' names for the outright field are much the same as for the entry of names for the sessions.


The main difference is the lack of table information. Each event pair is listed on the left of the screen. Click on a pair you wish to change and make the changes. Press [Enter] after each player, or to step through the players names.


The menu items are the same as with the session pairs entry. The one difference is the option [F7], which is the same as pressing the [Add] button.


To insert a new player press the [Add] button. Once complete press [Save], or to continue with more pairs, press the [Enter] key.


To switch to modifying the pairs already on file use the [Modify] option.


This option allow you to enter the pairs for an event. This may be done where the complete set of movements is not yet known, allowing you to capture pair's names for later assignment to a particular seat, table and section.


Normally this option is only used in multi-session events. In single session events, the names are entered in the session names function. Pairs may appear in this list without actually playing in the event (they did not show up, even though they entered the event).


It is not required that names be entered in this event list for they may be entered into the session names list, together with their event numbers. For example you may have run a single session event, which was then converted to a multi-session event the following week. Introducing event pair numbers is enough to automatically set up the event pairs list.


Therefore in a multi-session event, the list of pairs entered is found in the event list, and the pairs playing are found in the session list. Normally these are the same except where a pair has a substitute in a session.


The [Add] event pairs option allows new pairs to be added. Enter the players' numbers or names in the same way as with session pairs. You are required to enter the pair number, which must be unique within the list of pairs. Typically you would enter the pairs in sequence, starting with pair 1. They do not have to be in sequence.


Enter the event pair number, the number or name for each of the players in the pair, and press [Enter]. One or both of the players may be blank where you are not sure who the players are at the time of entry.


Where you are using handicaps and pair stratum, enter those values as required. Handicaps are not available in Swiss pairs at the event level, only at session level.


The [Modify] event pairs option allows you to scroll through the list of event pairs, changing the details as you require.


The [Delete] event pairs option allows you to scroll through the list of event pairs and place the cursor on the pair you need to delete and press [delete]. You are then asked to confirm the need to delete. Press [Yes] to proceed with the deletion and [No] to cancel the request and so not delete the pair.