Entering names before the event

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Entering names before the event

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This option is primarily designed to allow you to enter the pairs in an event that has not been set up. You would choose to do this when all the pairs of the event are not known, and the size of the section(s) and movements have not been specified.


See Entering session names for more details on the ways to use this screen, particularly the entering of player numbers and names.


The pairs listed on the left may be moved about as needed. The move up and down buttons move the currently selected pair. The pairs may also be moved about using the standard Windows™ drag and drop techniques (left click on the pair and hold the button down while you move the mouse pointer to the place you wish to move the pair, and let go the button to drop the pair in the new slot).


The [Remove] and [Insert] options are available to delete and add new pairs. These are also available with a right-click pop-up menu on the list at the left.


The list of pairs can be saved to a text file using the "Save to file" option under the file menu. These files can be re-loaded to this screen using the "Load from file" option. This is a convenient way to move pairs from one event to another. Used in conjunction with the "Load pairs from session" [F4] option the list can be populated from an existing session of any pairs event.


Once you have a list of pairs, in their correct seats, you can save them into the current session using the "Copy pairs to session" [F3] option. The current session number is shown on the right of the screen, and can be changed as required. These options are not available until you have created a new session in events that have no session defined.


The pairs are placed in sections as you require, and you able to change the section number by using the right-click pop-up menu on the list at the left. You can add a section, or convert to one section using these options. The [Add section] option uses the current selection in the list as the position to start the new section, and all pairs after that have their section number increased.


The "Order by seeding" [F5] option will automatically order the pairs from the top seed to the lowest. This is only available when the system uses ratings.