Session wizard

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Session wizard

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The session wizard screen is shown after the event wizard first screen, and whenever the new session option is selected for any event.


This screen allows you to set all the properties of the session. All information is documentary, and available to be placed on any reports. These properties can be changed later if need be.


By default the date is today, or the same as that on the event screen.

The day is based on the date.

The time is the current time.

The title is based on the time by default.


The number of winners may be 1 (one) or 2 (two) depending on the movement type(s) you are using. The number of winners could also be called the number of "fields".


With a Howell movement there is only one winner. With a Mitchell type movement it is possible to have one or two winners.


Most Mitchell movements are conducted with N-S and E-W fields producing two winners. Normally you will specify the number of winners for only the first section of the session. For the second and subsequent sections in a session the number of winners will be the same. Even so, the ASE Scorer will allow you to change the number of winners for the session at any time. Care is needed though as the movement for the previously defined sections may not be applicable.


When the [Next] button is selected the Section wizard is shown.