Load the latest CARDS file

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Load the latest CARDS file

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For the first time you will received the CARDS file via return email. For the months following this procedure can be done manually or automatically. When the ASE Scorer 8 is started it automatically checks to see if there is a recent CARDS file on the Internet. Clearly the computer needs to be connected to the Internet for this to succeed.


Whether you get the CARDS file via email or Internet download the procedure is the same. From your masterfile screen use the option [Imports] [Player ratings] (this appears automatically if you have chosen to get the latest download from the Internet). The screen will give you the option of download (you placing the file in a convenient folder). Once you have the latest file select the [Update] option, selecting the latest .cds file (e.g. cairns.cds) in the [Open] dialogue.


You also have the choice of update type. The update can be "Start of month" or "mid month". The first time you load the CARDS data use the "Start of month" option, and the first time in any month. If there is ever a second update available during the month use the "mid month" option.


Once the initial load of the CARDS file has taken place your club will be participating. You must realise that the rating information does not work for about three months as we need about 13 results from a player before they are rated. So it will be happening in the background for a while. Every time an event is scored the ratings impacts for players are recorded in the event.