Produce a members' ratings export file

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Produce a members' ratings export file

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Go to the members masterfile screen (F9) and select the option [File] [Export players for ratings] and save the file as a text file (e.g. cairns.txt). Email this file to Making a zip file of the text file before sending via email would make it smaller and also eliminated problems caused by some email software that interferes with text files.


Once this file is processed by the CARDS system your club will be part of the ratings system. You will be emailed (or choose to download from the Internet) your club's CARDS file (e.g. cairns.cds). This should happen within 24 hours of sending the initial ratings export file. Once this file is loaded into your members' masterfile your club is fully participating in the scheme (see below for details on this procedure).


NOTE the members' masterfile used to produce the ratings export file will always be the CARDS members' masterfile. You should take care in managing this file with regular backup copies made. This file contains all your ratings information and the event history.