Move sections from event to event

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Move sections from event to event

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Consider an event where you have a two section session, the first section with 13 tables and 26 boards and the second 7 tables and 28 boards. Scoring this event across the field will produce 2 winners, one for NS and the other EW. While it is possible to score the sections separately the reporting still shows this as one event. At the end of conducting this event you could choose to save all the details to external text files using the [Save scores], [Save names] and [Save section] options.


Then create two new events. The new sections are created as usual (or use the "file defined" movement type in the section wizard) and the names loaded using the [Load names] option and the scores loaded using the [Load scores] option.


This can also be used to easily combine the results of many sections scored on many different computers. For example where 10 clubs conduct 10 different sections using the same boards. Each club saves their movement, names and scores  to files and sends them to the central scoring computer. There the results are loaded into the single  event where they are scored across the field.


The format of the names file is a CSV file with a layout:

Table,Seat,national number,1st name,surname,national number,1st name,surname

Note double quotes around the names. For example:





The format of the board scores file is a fixed format with layout:

Board number characters 1 and 2

Status character 3

NS score characters 4 to 8

Contract characters 9 to 12

Tricks made characters 13 and 14

Score for EW when  two scores awarded by the director characters 15 to 19

All fields should be included on each line. For example:




05 0000+    000000+



Status values:

S = sit out X = score entered space = score not entered


Contract is:

level, suit, double, seat

where level = 1 to 7; suit = S, H, D, C, N; double = space, X(double), R(re-double); seat (declarer) = N, S, E, W


Contract special meanings:

AV* = average score NO* = no bid


When two scores are entered the EW score is entered as a NS score so that 0600+ is an EW score of 600-.


Special status values are:

SWITCHED                "1"        "2"        "3"        "4"                                "8"

TWO-SCORE                        "3"        "4"        "5"        "6"

FOULED-BOARD                "2"                "4"                "6"        "7"

Note "1", "5", "7" = entered score and "8" not entered.