Restrict data

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Restrict data

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The restrict data tab allows you to limit the rows of information that are included in the report:


While this tab allows you to change the extent of the data in the report, it does not change the layout of the report.


The other tabs: [Report type], [Include in report] and the [Page header/ footer options] all change the report content. For changes to these tabs to take effect the report must be re-generated, as is the case when the auto generate option is enabled.


The [Sort data] and [Paper selection] tabs do not change the content. Changing the [Paper selection] options can effect the report layout, but only to the extent of the paper size and column sizes.


Note some of the options (e.g. group by) on the [Sort data] tab do effect the content, but this would only apply to reports prior to generation.


This [Restrict data] tab does not change the report layout; rather it changes the content.


There are two parts to the production of the report:


1.collection of the data or query.
2.generation or design of the layout


A report can be used for many different collections of data or queries. The [Restrict data] tab allows you to refines the members included in the report.


Any number of restrictions can be applied to the data, once for each tab included on the [Restrict data] tab:


2.Home club
3.Birth date
4.Member type
6.Postal code
7.Paid to date
8.Last in date
9.Masterpoint rank


On each tab page there is a "limit" box to tick. Once ticked then the tab shows the tick also. After the "limit" option is ticked then the fields limiting the restriction are shown for you to fill in with your needs.


The more restrictions, the less players there will be that satisfy the criteria. The restrictions are combined with a logical AND.