Running a barometer pairs' event

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Running a barometer pairs' event

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A barometer event is where the boards are shared across all tables on each round of the session. Set up the event in the same way as any one session pairs event.


The option "Boards are shared across movement (barometer)" needs to be ticked on the section wizard screen. The board set number on table 1 on round 1 dictates the set number in play on the first round for all tables. Where the board set number on round 1 is other than 1, the "number of rounds" indicates the total number of board sets in play. For example where the board set number on round one is "2" the board set in play on the last round will be one.


It is normal for a barometer movement to enter the scores by round and score by round. The option "Show scores for" is set to "round" by default in score entry. The option "Score by round" is ticked by default in the scoring options.


Typically the results would be published after each round and therfore a barometer report is needed showing the last round score as well as the total.