Swiss teams session details

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Swiss teams session details

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In a Swiss teams event there are no sections, and each session has all the teams (maximum of 500). Each session in the event may have a different number of teams (but the results may need care). Teams may be withdrawn from a session using the "out of draw" option in the outright team names entry screen. A team that is in an earlier session cannot be deleted from the event (they did play after all) but can be withdrawn from later sessions.


Enter the total number of teams in the session, and the number of boards per match.


Handling an odd number of teams

Where the number of teams is odd, the options for handling odd numbers of teams are enabled. These are applied during the automatic calculation of the Swiss draw. You may change these options on each round as the draw is determined.



Play a three-way match

Three teams participate in a round robin, each playing the other two teams. The match length and times in the three-way match options are now enabled.


Use a one round bye

The odd team out does not play for the round. They are awarded an adjusted score.


Three-way match length

Play over two rounds

The three-way match is played over two rounds. Therefore the match lengths will be the same as the other matches in the event.


Play in one round

The two three-way matches are played over one round. Therefore the match lengths will be only half as long as the matches played in the rest of the event.


Times in three-way match

Play only once

a team may only play in a three-way match once


May play many times

a team may play in a three-way match as many times as they are drawn in a three-way match



Teams draw button

The table numbers and team numbers may be entered.


The team numbers must be unique in the session, and preferably match the team numbers in the event. The table numbers may be set to the team numbers or the match numbers. They may also be set to zero when no table numbers are needed.


There are options which allows you to modify the table and team numbers as a group. These options allow you to re-sequence the pair and table numbers to suit your requirements.


You choose and apply an option by clicking your selection and pressing [Apply renumber]. Each time you press [Apply renumber], the numbers are changed to match your request.


This process is the same as that available in pair and table number assignment for pairs.