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The [1 Masterfile] tab gives you access to the basic club management options.


The [Club members] [F9] button will display the members list and details. It also supplies access to a number of options and facilities associated with the club membership.


The [Club details] button displays all the details of the club. This option is also available from the club members screen.


The [History] button presents the event history screen where you cab look at all the results of the events that have been finalised. You can also delete the unwanted events from there.


The [Club pairings] button presents a screen showing all the pairs that play regularly at the club. These pairs are included in this list using the session "add pairings" option in the session advanced options.


The [Club report] button will produce the currently selected report on the destination selected. Use the right-click on the mouse to view the pop-up menu of further options.


If you select "change" from this menu the report generator screen is shown. From there you may design, change, view and print the reports.


The "default" option list all the available default reports. Any report files installed are shown under the respective report type options on the menu.