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The club's basic options allow you to change things that are used in other places.


The user name, title and date are available in reports, and are useful in report headings. The name and title are arbitrary values depending on the situation the scorer is used and are distinct from the name of the club shown below. The report date defaults to the date of "today" but can be varied as you need.


The preferred name format specifies how you would rather the players' names are to appear in reports and on the screens where their names are shown. The "always show name title" option when ticked means the player's title (e.g. Mr.) is also included at the start of a player's name shown in the "preferred name format".


One of the options in the preferred name format is "best available". This means the first name is used unless there is no first name, and then the initials are used.


The club database is shown here for convenience, but may be selected in the other more normal places for the masterfile.


The club name can be changed on this screen, but the club details screen is more normal for this change.


The player number check will depend on the national player numbers in use in the club, and indeed, whether the club uses national numbers at all. The check digit routine for the national number selected here is invoked each time a players number is entered into the scorer.


The players name is usually the surname, and the name searched for when entering players names into events or session. The bridge name is planned for at later times when the player may use a unique name.