Advanced options for name entry

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Advanced options for name entry

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When the "Advanced" option is selected during name entry the following panel appears in the lower left hand corner of the screen.


It consists of three parts.


Name search file

When players surnames are entered, the ASE Scorer will search a masterfile for the player. Depending on the Masterfiles available, you have the choice of three. The club masterfile is the normal choice, and is typically available.


The National masterfile is a complete list of all the players in the national database. This is only available in countries where this file is has been installed. In Australia this is the ABF file.


The pairings file is found in the current club masterfile. The pairs in this file are placed there using the "Add pairings" option on the Session Advanced options. This is a collection of pairs that normally play at the club. The search will return two players in the chosen pair.


Player number type

When you enter the players number, the number type selected here is used to determine which number is used. The national number indicates the use of the national number and any check digit checks. The club number is the local player member's number on the local club database.


Where the "enter pairings numbers" is selected (see below) the player number type selected here is used to indicate the number shown for the players in all the pairs.


Enter pairings numbers

When this is ticked, the number entered next to the players is assumed to be the local pair number in the club members database. These pairings are added to the database using the "[Add pairings]" option.