Handling pre-event entries

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Handling pre-event entries

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Often with larger events the entries will be known before the start. It will save a lot of time on the day if you have the names entered before you set up the event. Also sometimes it is desirable to enter the names as the players arrive at the club, ready for the event definition later.


The first step is to create a new event. From the main menu select the [New] event option [Ctrl-n]. The event wizard screen is shown.


Note: you cannot conduct an individuals' event in this way.


Choose the event type that you will be running. Fill in the other options as you need, but the default values already showing are typically adequate. The title should conform to your club standards. All values in the other options may be changed later if you need using the [Event properties].


Click [Finish].

You now have an event with an unknown movement and extent of entries. [Save] the event under the name of your choice.


From [2 Names] use the "Player names entry"/"before the movement is known" option [Add entries]. Using that screen enter the pairs' or teams' players in much the same way you would enter them for ordinary events.


The major advantage with this approach is you are not required to place them in any particular order as that will be done at a later time. From this screen you organise the field, moving them up or down, dividing them into sections, apply seeding rules as needed and so forth depending on the needs of the event.


It is also possible to save the list to a text file for use in later events.


Once the first session movement is known go to the [1 Start] tab where the option "Define the first session of the event" [Define session] should be selected. This option is also found on the main menu [Session]/[Define session].


The session wizard is then shown, allowing you to define the session in the same way it is usually done. Once that is completed and all sections for the session have been defined, return to the  [Add entries] option. The option "Copy pairs to session" or "Copy teams to event" (depending on the event type) is now available.


Select this option and the pairs or teams will be moved into the event in the order shown on the screen. If the order of the entries was not right it is possible to correct the order and re-copy the field to the event.