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Include information in the report

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This tab allows you to choose the information that is to appear on the print detail lines (also called the detail band in the designer). It is only available for generated reports, and not available in reports that have been changed in the designer. The [Include in report] screen looks like:


All the fields available to you for this report type are shown on the left. The fields are qualified by the database table name, for example person.last_name is the last name (or surname) of the persons on file. The fields for the person are shown in the members details screen.


As many of these fields as you need for the report can be moved to the "fields included" list using the buttons between the lists. One > on the button means move the selected field, and two >> means move in all the fields.


There are two further buttons at the bottom of these lists. [Sort] will sort into alphabetical order all the fields in the list. [Reset] returns all the fields back to the original order in the left hand list.


The order the fields will appear on the report is dictated by the order of the "data field included" list. The top most field is the first field on the left of the report. Move the fields up and down using the buttons to the right, or use drag and drop technique.


Note: all the heights and widths are specified in pixels. Pixels are the number dots on the screen. These are not the same as the number of dots on the printer paper. See your windows "Control Panel", "Display", "Settings" for details on your screen resolution (in pixels).


Click on any field in the included list and the properties of that field are shown to the right. The width of the field is shown in pixels. This is the amount of space used by the field on the report. The "space width after" specifies the number of pixels of empty space after the field. The alignment indicator specifies whether the information in the field is to the left or right of the space allocated in the width item, or is centered.


Note: the use of negative width value indicates you want a vertical bar to the left of the item. The width will be the same as the positive value of the width. Where you have asked for titles to the columns, the vertical line will continue up through the titles as well.


The field "title" is only used when the "include column titles" is ticked at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes titles are wanted, but not for all the fields. In that case simply delete the title shown in the title item so that it is blank. The title only occupies as much space as needed.


Note: "band" is a physical line or space in the report, and its size is specified here in pixels. In the top right hand corner of the screen is the band information. There are bands for these details, as well header and footer bands if they are requested. The height of the text, within the band, will depend on the font being used, and would normally be less than the height of the band. Where the underline item is ticked for this band, the line is drawn at the base of the band and will be the thickness of the "line height" item, specified in pixels.


The "underline titles" item only applies when the "include column titles" item is ticked and indicates the titles are to have a line drawn under the titles in the heading band.