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Bridge Directing Complete
First edition


When it comes to duplicate bridge directing, I can claim without fear of contradiction to be a complete duffer. It is a constant source of amazement to me that complex movements and unusual instructions to the players nevertheless work out all right in the end.

This book explains how and why.

Ian McKinnon, for many years the top tournament director in Australia, has produced this most comprehensive treatise on the art of being a successful director. For the experienced director, the book provides all the information needed to run any type of competition and also explains how the often-burdensome tasks of directing can be alleviated. For the novice director, there are lengthy explanations and easy-to-follow instructions so that confidence is quickly gained and the novice can soon manage more difficult assignments.

This is easily the best book of its kind yet written and will soon become the standard text for bridge directors, bridge clubs, and congress and other tournament organisers.

The most amazing aspect was that an absolute tyro like me could read it, understand it easily and feel competent enough to conduct a difficult tournament. After you have read it, you will also feel you have the capabilities to be a professional director.

Ron Klinger


"Bridge Directing Complete" is no longer in print. A graphical image of the whole book in PDF form is available here.

Download the pdf file here. Download  (8.9Mb)


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