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Jeanie 2 now available

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Jeanie - the movement Wizard
Compatible with ASE Scorer 9
Release 1 of the ASE Scorer Version 9 now available.

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ASE Scorer 9 on SALE.

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Jeanie 2 – the movement Wizard
Your bridge club movement manager
Completely compatible with any scoring program.

Used to develop the latest book on bridge movements.

Duplicate bridge schedules,
history and mathematics.

Jeanie 2 is available from masterpoint press and The Bridge Shop.
Click this link:
purchase Jeanie 2


Latest service pack download here

Jeanie service pack


Jeanie is a unique computer program for bridge organizers, directors and scorers. Jeanie is the next generation of tournament director tools, augmenting and even replacing existing movement reference books.

The main features are:

  • Completely compatible with any scoring program including ASE Scorer 8 and 9. Once installed the ASE Scorer will automatically allow you to choose any movement in Jeanie.
  • Includes all published movements for pairs and individual movements.
  • The movements are organized into libraries for quick reference
  • Create your own movements and place them in your own library.
  • Modify existing movements to suit your needs with the click of a few keys.
  • Print table guide cards for any movement
  • Print player guide cards for the more difficult to organize events
  • Use any movement in any scoring program where the author chooses to participate. It is even possible to use movements in a scorer where the author is not involved.
  • Any scoring programs will include all movements when used with Jeanie.
  • Simple programmer tools including a standard dynamic link library file (DLL) that is compatible with all programming languages.
  • Check and publish the balance of the movement.
  • Change the director’s instructions to suit your needs, automatically updating all affected movements.
  • Introduce switching to improve balance and optionally automatically balance any movement.
  • All guide cards clearly identify switched rounds.
  • Add appendix tables to any existing movement.
  • Change all instructions to any language.
  • Organise your club’s favourite movements into a special library.
  • Select a movement from a list of all available movements that satisfy your needs including the number tables, rounds, winners, boards, balance etc.
  • Comprehensive help system at the click of a key.
  • Intuitive and easy to use software.
  • Simple editors for all parts of the movements, including movement type, descriptions and references.
  • View all the properties of any movement from one screen.
  • Automatic analysis of movements to identify problems and weaknesses. Includes full statistical analysis of the comparisons of pairs.


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