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ASE scorer 9 works with
Bridgepads and Bridgemates


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Jeanie 2 now available

Today's News
Jeanie - the movement Wizard
Compatible with ASE Scorer 9
Release 1 of the ASE Scorer Version 9 now available.

See capabilities here.

Download the 30 day trial  see downloads

ASE Computing forum has been removed and no longer available
ASE Scorer 9 on SALE.

The first thing to do is to check the help file

When you have a problem please make sure it has not been dealt with in the help file. Press F1 from the screen that is related to the issue. Also use the contents and index search within the help file.


The first point of contact is with the forum.

Please go to the ASE Scorer forum and register yourself as a member of the forums. This is available to all users whether they are registered ASE Scorer users or not.

When you register on the forum it is important to register using the email address that your scorer is registered with. This will give you a priority service on replies to any problems or other queries.

See the 'How do I' forum for any type of question relating to how to use issues.

See the 'trouble shooting and problems' forum for any issues that may have been dealt with previously. If the problem is a new one then log the problem on that forum.

After consulting the above forums you believe you have found a bug then visit the 'bug tracker' forum.


Contact support

If all else fails then email support. Use the standard email address


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