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ASE scorer 9 works with
Bridgepads and Bridgemates


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Jeanie 2 now available

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Jeanie - the movement Wizard
Compatible with ASE Scorer 9
Release 1 of the ASE Scorer Version 9 now available.

See capabilities here.

Download the 30 day trial  see downloads

ASE Computing forum has been removed and no longer available
ASE Scorer 9 on SALE.

How to buy ASE Scorer 9 as an upgrade from ASE Scorer 8


Buy an upgrade from version 8 to version 9


Enter your computer ID

Enter ASE 8 serial number


To upgrade an existing ASE Scorer 8 to the latest ASE Scorer 9 you will need to supply the serial number of version 8.

See the menu item [System][Register] in ASE 8 for the serial number. Copy and paste to here will work.

It is recommended you install version 9 before purchase so you may supply the computer ID. This is available via the option [system][register] in version 9.

It is possible to buy the upgrade without the computer ID, but you will only receive a serial number, not key. The key can be obtained later via email from the registration form.

Note ASE Scorer versions 8 and 9 can both be installed on the one machine, though it is not possible to use both versions at the same time.


Contact us by email for direct transfer to an account. These payments will be in Australian Dollars.



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