Running a multi-session event

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Running a multi-session event

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Here we are looking at setting up an event that is played over two or more sessions.


Firstly set up a one section event as explained in "Running a single section pairs' event". Once you have saved the event to a file, create any further sections for the first session if it is a multi-section session.


Consider the pair numbers. Usually the pairs in the first session are assigned unique numbers which are automatically given to the outright event pair numbers. This makes the assignment of pair numbers in the second and subsequent sessions simple and automatic.


Conduct and score the first session in the same way you would for a single session event. When the details of the second session are known, which could be before or after the first session has been run, you can add the second session to the event.


Select the [7 Advanced] tab, and click the [Session] on the left. The session advanced options will be showing. Note: this same screen can be displayed using the main menu items [Session]/[Advanced].


Use the "Add a new session to the event" option by clicking on [New]. Note: this same option can be selected directly using the main menu items [Session]/[New].


The Pairs session wizard is now showing. Change the values as you need. The "Number of Winners" is the same as in previous session, but can be changed if needed. Set up the sections in this new session as you require.


Follow a similar procedure for the third and subsequent sessions.


Score each session in the normal way. The reports for the session and outright will be needed. The event outright pair numbers are essential to produce the accumulated results for the event. When you score the outright field of pairs are normally scored across-the-field rather than keep the pairs in two fields of North-South and East-West. Of course this is only possible when the movements used in the session have two winners. If you wish to keep the field separated, and produce two winners in the outright results, change the number of winners in the outright scoring options to 2.


The outright masterpoint awards are only applicable after the last session of the event has been scored. When scoring the last session of the event tick the "Produce outright awards" option in the masterpoint options and click [Recalculate].