Running a multi-section event

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Running a multi-section event

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Here we are looking at setting up an event that is played in one session, but where there are two sections playing the same duplicated boards.


Firstly set up a one section event as explained in "Running a single section pairs' event". Once you have saved the event to a file do not proceed any further, not entering names or scores until the second section has been set up.


Select the [7 Advanced] tab, and click the [Section] on the left. The section advanced options will be showing. Note: this same screen can be displayed using the main menu items [Section]/[Advanced].


Use the "Add a new section to the current session" option by clicking on [New]. Note: this same option can be selected directly using the main menu items [Section]/[New].


The Pairs section wizard is now showing. Change the values as you need. The "Number of Winners" is the same as in previous section, but can be changed here too. If changed here then it is changed for all sections in the session.


The number of tables in the section is the most important item. Where there is a half table in the section click "NS missing" or "EW missing" as the case may be. Also enter the table where the half table is on the first round.


All the other "Details" should be supplied carefully. If a mistake is made here then you will need to [Replace] the section later.


The section identifiers, Colour and Letter, are optional and only for documentation purposes and can be changed later in the [Section properties].


Click [Next].

The final section properties screen is shown. Change these as required.


The [Pair & table numbers] option is available. This allows you to change the pair numbers and table numbers from the default values. This is normally required for the second or subsequent sections in a session, though not essential. See "Assign pair numbers in an event" for a discussion on the issues surrounding pair number choices.


Where you want to change the pair numbers from the default values click the  [Pair & table numbers] option. Make the required changes and click [Done] or press [Esc].


Click [Finish].

When you enter the names and scores you will find that the section number is 1 or 2 indicating which section you are currently dealing with.


When you score up the event, the option "Score sections separately" should not be ticked when you score across the field. This option only applies when the boards in each section are not duplicated.