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Jeanie 2 now available

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Jeanie - the movement Wizard
Compatible with ASE Scorer 9
Release 1 of the ASE Scorer Version 9 now available.

See capabilities here.

Download the 30 day trial  see downloads

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ASE Scorer 9 on SALE.

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Jeanie the movement Wizard
Your bridge club movement manager
Completely compatible with any scoring program
including ASE Scorer 8
and it is
free of charge
Professional version now released

Download Jeanie professional and make running your events a lot easier: download (6Mb

Jeanie is a unique computer program for bridge organizers, directors and scorers. Jeanie is the next generation of tournament director tools, augmenting and even replacing existing movement reference books.


Download the Jeanie installation file and place in a convenient place on your computer.

Run the Jeanie.exe file by double clicking on the file. Answer the few questions as you see fit but note the default options are recommended and the simplest way to install Jeanie.

At the end of the installation leave the option "Launch Jeanie after finish" ticked and click [Finish].

As Jeanie starts up you will see a message that Jeanie will setup the libraries of movements, giving you a message about waiting while this is done. Once this is complete the main screen will appear. Press F1 for help at anytime. That same help file is available here: Online help.

For those users of the ASE Scorer 8 just start ASE Scorer 8 and when you start any new event, session or section a [Jeanie] button will appear on the new section screen. Use that option to access any movements available in Jeanie.



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