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Using report sets

 Please download the latest report set here. A report set is a collection of reports that can be added to the scorer using the “install set” option.

Once installed the reports appear as a list on the menu item as shown above. These may be selected as required. Once selected that report then becomes the current report of that type and is used whenever the “current” option is selected.

Alternatively use the report buttons on the [report] tab.

The destination of the report is also selected on this list as shown here as “screen”.

When you install the set this screen appears:

Open the report set file (shown as “ASE all reports.set” in the example above). The list of reports in the set is shown in the list box to the left. The option “Remove previous report names from all reports” should be ticked in most cases. Where you already use report files (.rpt) then these can be opened again as required using the “open” option as shown in the menu items at the top of this document. When this “remove” option is not ticked an attempt is made to leave the existing reports in the menu lists, but they are pushed down the list which is limited to 9 (as in the examples above where there are 5).

Once the report set is opened, then select the install button. You will be asked to select a folder where all the reports (*.rpt) are to be placed. Perhaps the best spot is the same folder where you placed the attached report set file (shown as “C:\ASE8\Reports in the above example). Do not install the reports in the ASEScorer 8 install directory.

The installation choice shows three options:

All files

Only the .rpt files

Only the .mnu files

The .mnu files contain the default reports, and these will replace the standard installation .mnu files. If you have changed these files (by adding reports to the default lists) then  you would choose not to replace these. Alternatively you may choose to save those files before this installation. They are found in the data installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\ASEComputing\ASE Scorer 8.0\Data).

It is recommended that you install all the files.

AND Tick

Remove previous report names from all reports.




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